Pressure Washing and Soft Wash Truck Skid- The Workhorse

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Pressure Washing and Soft Wash Truck Skid- The Workhorse

Pressure Washing and Soft Wash Truck Skid- The Workhorse

Regular price $16,500.00
Sale price $16,500.00 Regular price
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Product description
Product description

Introducing our top-of-the-line aluminum pressure washing and soft wash truck skid, available in 6.5 or 8 ft sizes. Our pressure washer skids have been tested and engineered to withstand the abuse of our industry. Our skids come with a life time warranty. Our skids are actually built to support the weight of larger pressure washers being mounted to the side shelves. Maybe a bit over built but we want you to have the best. Could it be built cheaper? Yes but the material thickness and extra supports would’ve had to be reduced. Build quality is very important to us. Our pressure washing trucks skids are built right here locally in Oregon City, OR. 


- Heavy-duty reinforced 8 ft aluminum skid, boasting a 1/4 inch thickness, ladder rack, and two side shelves. Our skids are built with heavier gauge aluminum and extra gussets to support machines mounted to the shelves. (Custom locking surface cleaner rack available for an additional $850)

- Honda GX390 5.5 GPM 3000 PSI pressure washer, delivering exceptional power. (Upgrade to a Honda GX690 8 GPM 3500 PSI gear drive for $2000) You would also need to add our EPW slim pressure washer aluminum fuel tank for $550 if using a larger pressure. 

- Two slim 100-gallon water tanks, featuring extra thickness and lids on each side for easy access. The tanks are recessed on the bottom to allow flush plumbing. Add one more 100 gallon slim tank for a total of 200 gallons for a buffer tank for $550

- Three manual full-frame aluminum reels with stainless steel manifolds. The Workhorse 8ft skid include two 18-inch reels and one 12-inch reel. The Workhorse 6.5ft has three 12” reels. (Upgrade to electric reels, heavy-duty USA-made wiring and lugs, and circuit breaker available for an additional $2000)

- Remco 12-volt 7 GPM 100 PSI USA made soft wash pump with viton seals, designed to withstand chemical usage. The higher flow and PSI are more effective for reaching high peaks or shooting greater distances. We dial in our pressure switches to run smoothly and at it’s peak performance  

- Hydro Mixer soft wash mixing system, featuring valves and plumbing designed for long life and compatibility with your pump. Proportional metering valves ensure a higher flow rate, reducing stress on your pump and allowing for greater distance when roof cleaning. (Upgrade to 3/4 mixing valves and check valves available for an additional $300)

- Hydrauli-Flex Tech Hose Soft Wash Hose 1/2 with crimped 1/2 NPT fittings, providing durability and reliability over 200 ft.

- 3-way bleach rinse valve with mounts, barbs, and stainless clamps, prolonging the life of the pump by keeping the system fully rinsed out.

- ST-510 soft wash gun with stainless couplers for optimal performance.

- Stainless steel 4-nozzle J rod, allowing you to spray multiple patterns effortlessly.

- Marine-grade high-quality Interstate battery, built to withstand daily recharging and extended use.

- Hudson Float Valve Assembly, automatically shutting off the water when the tank is full and allowing water to fill when needed.

- One-inch buffer tank drain assembly, featuring custom crimped hose with a ball valve. This assembly serves to drain the tanks, fill buckets, and act as an emergency wash station.

- Heavy-duty EPW aluminum tool box with battery mounts, providing secure storage and easy access. 

- High-quality Kuri Tec poly braid hose used for all soft wash plumbing. The way your soft wash system is plumbing and the materials used makes a huge difference on performance. We have run endless tests to make our systems perform better. This is an area where you can not cut corners to save a few bucks  

- Buffer tank plumbing complete with Tiger Flex crush-proof suction hose, strainer filter system, banjo fittings, and high-quality stainless clamps.

- Every nut, bolt, and washer is rust-resistant stainless steel, ensuring longevity and durability.

- Upgraded wiring on the pressure washer to double-insulated USA made 6 AWG wiring.

- Upgraded  USA made 10 AWG wiring and fuse links on the soft wash system.

Additional Recommended Options:

- Basic downstream injector setup with a drop stick installed - $200

- Deluxe downstream injector setup with a downstream bypass, General Pump high draw injector, three-way rinse valve, and drop sticks for water and chemical installed - $850

- FlowPro installed complete with 3D printed mounts, stainless downstream bypass, and Super Suds Sucker Injector - $1550

- Whisper Wash 19" Classic with the upgraded 4-nozzle bar - $999

- High draw 30% check valve injector setup - $98

- Ball valve swivel featuring the Mosmatic swivel to switch between the surface cleaner and gun, providing comfort and ease of use - $115

- Suttner ST-457 Turbo nozzle with quick connect plug - $110

- M5DS adjustable pattern nozzle for downstreaming - $85

- Downstreaming J rod with 4 different nozzles for low-pressure cleaning and applying chemicals - $63

- Sharp Shooter tip for high reach from the ground - $39.99, M5 and Sharp Shooter combo, $175

- Chemical-resistant Suttner ST-2315 gun for downstreaming, gun, short stainless lance, and quick connect fittings - $130

Upgrade your pressure washing and soft wash capabilities with our high-quality truck skids, designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Our goal to to source 95% of the parts we use from the USA. 

Shipping must be arranged. We can ship anyway in the US. We prefer an in person pickup to have the opportunity to show you how to use your new skid and answer any questions you may have. Let us know if you have any questions about our pressure washing skids. 503-730-2389

As of November 2023, transport shipping is currently $2900. 

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